Self-Storage Around the World: Reflections of Non-U.S. Facilities on Six Continents

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From São Paul, Brazil, to Chai Wan, Hong Kong, self-storage is taking root around the world. Some markets are brand new, others well-established. In all areas, industry pioneers face operational and development challenges such as lack of available land or buildings, barriers to financing, government red tape, and consumer ignorance of the product. Existing owners and investors have had to adapt to meet the unique needs of their local customer base.

In the pages ahead, you’ll experience a sampling of self-storage facilities in diverse cities such as Bordeaux, France; Brasilia, Brazil; Caraquet, Canada; Durban Central, South Africa; Klemzig, Australia; Moscow; and Nagoya, Japan. Read how they’re innovating to serve their markets, bringing unique products and services to prospects in need. Our “photo album” takes you through six continents: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America (Canada) and South America. Bon voyage

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