Temporary Storage Space for Renovations or Relocations

If you are away for several months you probably don’t want to be renting a house during that period – it’s much more cost effective to use a self storage facility. If you are relocating between homes it can sometimes be weeks before everything gets signed off, and you may have to temporarily live elsewhere where you can’t store all your possesions. Finally, when decorating a home paint and dust can get everywhere and anywhere, a self storage unit from All Bay Mini Storage can help protect your possessions from these dangers and give you the extra space you may need without sacrificing a room as a “dumping ground”.

Call us at (07) 3890 3399 today for additional information on our complete storage solutions.

We offer climate controlled, monitored storage facilities for the complete protection of your valuable belongings. Whether you need storage space for the short term or on a permanent basis we havea the units nd pricing to help solve your storage problems.



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